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Calm down... There is An Shen!

An Shen Bu Xin Wan


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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine An Shen Bu Xin Wan: 

  • strengthen vitality,

  • richen blood and calms the mind,

  • lover fever and removes anxiety,

  • equals energy "Qi" & "Yin", helps with poor nourish of heart muscle which might occur in dizziness and tinnitus,

  • helps with palpitations of heart, insomnia and amnesia.

In modern world there are many diseases which symptoms are similar to those, which An Shen can handle exceptionally: 

  • mental fatigue caused by emotional stress,

  • depression, 

  • dysphoria,

  • hypertension,

  • vascular diseases (arrhythmia, arteriosclerosis of brain blood vessels),

  • degeneration of neck vertebrae.

An Shen can influence the clinical symptoms of mentioned diseases and not only one of them. Although the symptoms mentioned before cannot be the base for diagnosis, they are very common in clinical cases.

Currently curing those diseases is still very hard and An Shen has a very good results against their symptoms.


Polygonum multiflorum steam                           35,1 mg
Ligustrum lucidum fruit                                      28,26mg
Salvia miltiorrhiza root                                       21,24mg
Albizia julibrissin bark                                        21,24mg
Eclipta prostrate                                                  21,24mg
Cuscuta chinensis seed                                       21,24mg
Rehmannia glutinosa preparata root                  14,04mg
Schisandra chinensis fruit                                   10,62mg
Acorus Tatarinowii rhizome                                 7,02mg

Dosage - 3 times a day, 8-16 pellets.

Effects can be observed after 3-4 weeks.

Please note! 
This product is not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women.

One bottle is 200 pellets. Each pellet is 0.18 g.

This description is only for educational purposes. The product is a dietary supplement and as such should be treated. Shall not be used to treat diseases or to prevent their occurrence.


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Calm down... There is An Shen!

Calm down... There is An Shen!