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Roll yourself in shape on the Ball-Stik and get rid of your fat deposits.

Become your own masseur with the ball as your helper. You will get an effective massage and strengthen your muscles. The ball removes/reduces muscular tension and fibromyalgia, kneads and minimizes your deposits of fat and removes cellulitis.

When you use the ball your blood circulation is increased and you will feel a sense of intense physical well-being.

You can massage your entire body and remove deposits of fat, cellulitis and at the same lime increase your blood circulation.

You don’t have to suffer from oedemas or infiltrations of fluid in your body. This ball will remove them. The ball will effectively clean out your body.

Made with Phthalate-free softeners.



1) Lower leg massage


Your calf should rest on the ball. Push your leg backwards and forwards, turn the leg so that all muscles are massaged.

2) Cycling movement


Sit with the ball firmly squeezed between your knees. One leg should be bent, the other one stretched and relaxed. Stretch out the bent knee, bend the other and start a cycling movement.

3) Riding breeches


Lie down on your side on top of the ball, support yourself with both hands and place the upper foot on the floor. Now roll the ball on the outer side of your thigh from knee to hip.

4) Inside of thighs


Lie down with the inside of the thigh on the ball. Bend and stretch the leg so the ball massages the upper part of your thigh. 

5) Buttocks - across


Sit on the ball, support your body with both hands and toes on the floor. Swing the knees from one side to the other so that the ball rolls across your buttocks. 

6)   Buttocks - lengthways


Sit on the floor. Bend one knee towards your chest white your hands are on the floor. Lower the leg again and sit up on the ball. Bend the other knee, try bending both knees at the same time while supporting yourself by putting your hands on the floor. 

7) Front side of thighs [and pubic bone]


Lie on the floor facing the floor, ball against your thighs, join your legs together, support your hands on the floor. Now rail forward so the ball reaches your knees while the upper part of your body is lifted by your arms. Then pullback so the ball rolls all the way to the pubic bone. Now the upper part of the body is on the floor and your arms are stretched. 

8) Flat stomach


Lie in relaxed position with your stomach on the ball. Put your hands under your forehead, the elbows on the floor. Roll down the ball to one side, the opposite knee should be bent to catch the ball, which will slide away from your stomach. Repeat on the other side. 

9) Fall from side to side


Lie with the ball between your shoulder blades and your arms spread. Relax your neck. Fall down of the ball to one side so that your upper arm rests on the ball. Press the arm firmly down onto the ball so your body is forced to back up on the ball again. Fall down to other side. The ball works across the shoulder blades. 

10) The pillow


Lie with your head on the ball while your shoulders touch the floor — you may support the ball with your fingers. Turn your head from side to side so the ball massages your neck muscles. 

11) Bend and stretch [outside of hips and thighs]


Lie with stretched legs, your thighs resting on the ball, press your legs hard together, support yourself with your arms on the floor. Turn your body 90 degrees to make the ball roll onto the outside of your thigh. Bend your knees towards your chin, then stretch them again and repeat exercise on the opposite side of body. 

12) Upper arm


Sit in “mermaid" position, and then lie down with your upper arm resting on the ball. Push backward and forward so the ball rolls on the outside of the arm in a lengthways movement. 

13) Inside of upper arm


Sit in a "mermaid" position, then lie down with your body on top of the ball so that the inside of your upper arm rests on it. Push backwards and forwards so the ball rolls against the inside arm lengthways.

14) The "painting" exercise


Lie with your loins on top of the ball with bended knees and your arms stretched out. Stretch one knee and let your toes point towards the floor, your head will almost lift itself from the floor. Then revert to the starting position, and stretch out the opposite knee. 

15) The hip-kneader (hip-twisting while lying down)

Lie with your loins on top of the ball, arms spread out. Twist your knees, held together, to one side towards the floor. The ball rolls to the outer side of your hip. Pull back to starting position and stretch out one knee so your toes point towards the floor like in the "pointing exercise"). Return to the starting position and twist your knees to opposite side. 

16) The back — lengthways


Sit on the ball with legs hard together and stretched, feet supporting you on the floor. Slide down along the ball while bending your knees and lifting your bottom from the floor. Roll the ball towards your shoulder blades while your arms are spread to both sides on the floor. Stretch your legs so the ball returns to the starting position. 

17) Across (back and shoulders)


Stand with the ball between your shoulder blades and the wall. Press hard on the ball and turn your body so that the ball rolls all the way across the shoulder blade, out on the shoulders and back, towards opposite shoulder. 

18) The neck


Stand approx. 1/2 meter from the wall with legs apart and knees slightly bend. Bend the upper part of your body forward so your head and arms are hanging loose towards the floor. Place the ball between your neck and the wall. With your legs push your body to one side so the ball rolls sideways and onto the top of your shoulder. Press hard against the wall, with your legs pushed to the opposite side so the ball rolls onto the other shoulder.

In collaboration with relaxation expert Grete Wolfgang, SELECT has developed the BALL-STIK and the BALL-PUNKTUR.

The balls combine the strength and suppleness, achieved through gymnastics with the relaxation reached through its stimulating properties.



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Look sharp with Ball-Stik!

Look sharp with Ball-Stik!