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REPOVEN - detoxification agent

Composition: rhizomes and roots of Angelica, rhizomes and roots of Rhaponticum, shoots of apricot tree, black currant leaves, shoots of apple tree, juniper berries, St. John's wort, wormwood, milfoil (Achillea millefolium), turmeric, common licorice.

How supplied: capsules - 300 mg each. The package contains 80 capsules.

Mode of administration:1-2 capsules 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. After a course of one month there should be a 10-day interruption; then the course may be repeated as required.
Prophylactic schedule: during one month of each quarter in a year.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to any component of the product, pregnancy, lactation, children under 12 years.

The product is intended for detoxification of the body, including the management of alcoholic toxaemia and regulation of overall metabolism. The product exerts antioxidant and antidepressant action and markedly activates anti-ageing mechanisms.

- increases the energy and vitality of body cells;

- exerts a powerful detoxification action by neutralisation and elimination of toxic substances and breakdown products;
- improves the overall condition of the body in case of healthy individuals, as well as people exposed to a large doses of alcohol and to alcoholic patients during abstinence;
- improves the functions of the small and large intestine, regulates the excretory functions of the large intestine and skin and facilitates the removal of toxins from the liver, kidneys and lungs;
- facilitates the proper digesting by stimulating the activity of gastrointestinal micro-flora; exerts chologenic and choleretic actions;
- the product is an excellent body weight adjuster by reducing the cravings for fatty and sugary foods and improving the breakdown of fats and protein digestion; the product also has a mild diuretic effect and regulates metabolism, including that of fats and fluid and electrolyte balance;   
- the product normalises cardiovascular and circulatory functions by eliminating toxins from blood, normalising circulation, stimulating erythropoiesis and preventing the formation of thrombi;
- the product improves adaptation and strengthens the immunity, therefore reducing susceptibility to various infections.
- the product augments general tone of the body and eliminates fatigue and stress.

Detoxification needs an agent that is combining the following characteristics: multi-modality action, safety, efficacy, affordability and ease of use. 

Repoven meets all the above criteria and simultaneously exerts the following effects:
- elimination of toxaemia of various origins;

- normalisation of gastrointestinal functions;
- boosting the immune system;
- improving cardiovascular function;
- enhancing the resistance to adverse environmental and intrinsic factors;
- stimulation of mental and physical activity.

Suggested use:

-        exogenous and endogenous toxaemia (poisonings with toxic substances outside and inside the body);

-        domestic drinking and alcoholism (detoxification and reducing cravings for alcohol);

-        chronic disease;

-        postoperative period;

-        post-injury convalescence;

-        residing in adverse environments;

-        normalisation of psychological and emotional stability, improving sleep and productivity;

-        improving metabolism and restoration of immune status;

-        delaying ageing.


This description is only for educational purposes. The product is a dietary supplement and as such should be treated. Shall not be used to treat diseases or to prevent their occurrence.




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Repoven - detoxification agent 80 capsules

Repoven - detoxification agent 80 capsules