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Zapper - domestic therapist against parasites!



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Electronic engineering in 21st century



This device, apart from being a Clark Zapper, a Rife Zapper and a Beck Zapper, also has a:

  • function of vibroacoustic therapy,

  • colloidal silver generator (this set includes two silver electrodes made of Ag0 (999 - 9999). With those electrodes it is really simple to make approximately 100 – 150 litres of colloidal silver.

    Colloidal silver is also available in pharmacy – the average cost for 1 litre is around £20…,

  • brainwaves generator.

The VTF3 GENERATOR can be used not only at home but also as a professional device in the alternative medicine practice, beauty clinic, etc.

The operating rule is based on “zapping” – it means that our organism is submitted to a very low voltage from 5 – 10 volts (in zapper mode) or to sound and vibrations (vibroacoustic mode) with the proper frequencies that kills microorganisms. Those frequencies are not harmful to our body, only to those microorganisms.

This is one of the best electronic zapper.

zapper vtf-3

Device capabilities:

  • after the elimination of microorganisms it is possible to cleanse the blood with Beck Zapper,

  • colloidal silver made with the VTF3 Generator is completely free,

  • regulates functions of hormonal glands,

  • removes mercury and heavy metals,

  • removes toxins from the brain,

  • the list of 1389 programs for diseases, microorganisms, detox, improvement in organs work. The list is in Latin, English and Polish,

  • possibility of using 3 sets of electrodes simultaneously,

  • possibility of setting any frequency range with any time frame and frequency hopping,

  • possibility of updating the program in the future using USB port,

  • clear multilevel menu on the display,

  • effectiveness in handling with diseases,

  • operating simplicity,

  • possibility of creating our own programs or sets of programs (for example “program for the kidneys”, or “program for digestive system”),

  • many useful functions which enrich the functionality of the device,

  • it’s 6 devices in one ( zapper Clark, Rife, Beck, colloidal silver generator, vibroacoustic generator, brainwaves generator ),

  • this set includes all the accessories,

  • warranty.



VTF3 Generator can be applied to children with no fear by using vibroacoustic therapy which destroys harmful microorganisms with vibration and sound. Vibroacoustic therapy can be set from Rife zapper.

The creator of this method (zapping) is Hulda Regehr Clark. In her book "The cure for all diseases" she points to the results of her and other scientists studies regarding the methods of removing microorganisms, parasites, viruses and fungi with help of electric current.

It turned out that applying the right frequencies could destroy microorganisms in human body. It is a very good, non-invasive, fast and effective way of stopping the causes of the illnesses in contrary to the treating methods of modern medicine. This discovery, based on practical, remarkable results regarding sick people, was supervised and confirmed by independent medical committee.



Company FHU VTF Tomasz Flak (producer) and Haogang Europe LTD (distributor) warn that this product is not a medical device, not a substitute for a treatment by a doctor, skilled medical personnel and that any consequences of the use of the product Generator VTF3 are at user’s own risk. Both the manufacturer and the distributor are not responsible for any possible negative effects of the use of this device.

Generator VTF3 must be treated only as a cognitional, educational and experimental device.



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Zapper - domestic therapist against parasites!

Zapper - domestic therapist against parasites!